Feature Film Director

“There’s no second take in life. Live it with as much perfection as you can.”

Leo Thaddeus launched his career in feature film direction by first working as a Chief Associate Director with some of South India’s seasoned film makers like Bhadran. Very soon, he debuted as a Director with Pachamarathanalil, a rather serious, full length feature film.



Payyans, a family drama, is about the coming of age of a reckless youth. Though presented as an entertainer, this movie explored the question, ‘Where does one draw the line between being a parent and a friend?’ In this film, Leo directed a mix of both experienced actors like Lal, Rohini and Jayasurya and budding actors like Anjali. He also prepared the script, screenplay and dialogues.


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Pachamarathanalil brought on screen Leo’s ideas on love. Leo says, “Love that extends solace and support is like the cool, refreshing shade of a green tree.” In this movie, Leo worked with experienced actors and crew to tell the gripping tale of a little girl who goes mysteriously missing from amidst a group of friends and family and her parents’ frantic search for their lost child.





In this super starrer, Leo worked as Chief Associate Director with one of South India’s most renowned film directors, Bhadran. It dealt with the conflicts between an authoritarian patriarch and his son in an agrarian family.



In Vellithira, one of Leo’s earliest feature films, he worked with Bhadran as Chief Associate Director.