Short Films Director

 Leo’s repertoire of films

With more than 15 years of experience in making films, Leo is well known today not only as a feature film director but also as an acclaimed maker of short films, biopics, albums, promotional videos, ads and documentaries. Many of the short films, telefilms and documentary films that he directed have won him recognition both regionally and internationally.

Short films and ad films

Leo has done many short films, ads and promotional videos. Nurunguvettangal (‘Gems of Light’), a serenely beautiful short film, offers fresh perspectives through the eyes of a divorced woman and won national and international awards. Another film that won him many accolades is ‘Tree of Life’, a 40 minutes long film that presents the ironies in modern families that revolve around parents’ demanding career lives. Many of Leo’s short films have been broadcast in top Indian television channels.

Tree of life


Award winning telefilm in the unique context of an unborn child. Screened during many international film festivals, it has completed more than 150 special shows.



An internationally acclaimed short film that tells the story of a deep friendship between a celibate nun and her childhood friend.




A biopic of a former Member of Parliament (MP) in Rajasthan, India